Legal Notice

Offers in effect from Monday, January 6, until Wednesday, January 29, 2020. Limited quantity on certain items. Applies to in-stock products only. These offers cannot be combined with any other promotion. Details in store. Selected brands and models. Details in store. ††See conditions in store.

*Offers in effect from Monday, January 6, until Wednesday, January 29, 2020. Brault and Martineau is in no way responsible for late deliveries due to a major disaster or other unforeseen circumstances that make delivery excessively difficult or impossible for Brault & Martineau. Brault & Martineau is not responsible for setbacks such as delays by suppliers, Canada Post, out-of-stock, harsh weather conditions or incomplete orders, etc. In such cases, the expected delivery date could be postponed.

*Saleterms and conditions for “Equal monthly payments, no interest” financingprogram: minimum purchase of $799 before taxes for furniture, mattresses,decoration accessories, household appliances and electronics except forselected items. Subject to Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec ('theFederation') approval. All annual interest rates indicated are subjectto change. The 'Deferred payment, no payments or interest for...' offerallows the customer to use a credit card issued by the Federation ('theCard') to pay for a deferred payment purchase, without incurring interestduring the period set at the time of purchase. If this purchase is not paid infull by the due date, an annual interest rate of not more than 21.9% appliesand it is converted into equal and consecutive payments due in 12 monthlyinstalments if the converted balance is less than $1,000; 24 monthlyinstalments if the converted balance is equal to or greater than $1,000 andless than $3,000; or in 36 monthly instalments if the converted balance isequal to or greater than $3,000.

Annualinterest rate on the card of not more than 19.9%. There is a 21-day,interest-free grace period on the card from the date the monthly statement ismailed or from the date it is made available in electronic format to settle theaccount without paying credit charges, except on cash advances and cheques.Minimum card payment is 5% of the total of: the balance shown on the account statementfor the previous period; credit charges on purchases and monthly instalmentsthat have not been paid on the due date for the current period; regularpurchases, cash advances and cheques during the statement period and creditcharges on cash advances and cheques. To which are added: monthly instalment(s)for the statement period, deferred payment purchases due on the statement date,past due amounts, and any other amount set out in the card contract. Nomembership/renewal fees may apply depending on the card requested or used forthe purchase. Details in store.

Regular purchase19,90%$1,64$8,18$19,90$99,50
Equal Instalments Financing19,90%$1,64$8,18$19,90$99,50
Deferred payment financing21,90%$1,80$9,00$21,90$109,50