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Washing and drying in the same tank

To maintain the state of your clothes, get exceptional fabric care in fewer steps with the new Whirlpool washer and dryer.

Thanks to the drying option in the washer, you can keep your laundry moving along by adding the "Wash and Dry" option to all selected wash cycles. Use heat, air and tumbling to dry your clothes immediately after the wash cycle. You’ll enjoy peace of mind when leaving the house knowing that when you return, you’ll find your clothes clean and dry without having to transfer them to the dryer.

The Load & Go™ dispenser automatically refills the detergent container and dispenses the appropriate amount for each wash load for up to 40 loads.
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Everything to make life easier

This large capacity 5.0 cubic foot washer will make your day-to-day life easier with its 37 cycle combinations. Ensuring fresh, clean clothing, the intuitive controls can also simplify your choice of cycles and options.

Additional options are also available, including Wash & Dry and Steam Clean. Your clothes will bounce back to life!

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