Venezuelan-born interior stylist MACA is the creative force behind the blog Hey.Maca. She also owns her boutique and interior design studio. MACA is known for her colourful, cheerful, modern, and bohemian style. Her winner had very modern tastes and wanted to redecorate his new condo’s dining room and living room, both very luminous.

MACA’s vision for the dining room features the desired modern style and her bohemian flair: velvet, gold, and eye-catching, contrasting colours. The pièce de résistance is a beautiful wooden table with a matching bench and mismatched chairs in various shades. The living room’s central piece of furniture is a contemporary modular sofa, surrounded by fun, colourful accessories such as plants, a patterned pouf, and different materials.



End table

Gold is the backbone here. The glass shelves fit together perfectly to create a piece of furniture that is both modern and retro.

Velvet accent armchair 

The shape, texture, and colour of this armchair are edgy and hint at MACA's bohemian style, with a modern twist. It's a great way to enliven any room!.


Blue sideboard  

Although quite refined in style, this piece of furniture stands out with its colour and golden lines. The wooden legs add a timeless touch.


Pink velvet accent chair

To have a little fun with the furniture, MACA added this chair on one side of the wooden table, the central element of the dining room.