Maïka Desnoyers

Mom, real estate broker, TV host, influencer, passionate about design, and owner of the blog, Maïka is inspired by the decors of the houses she visits. Her winner wanted to accessorize her home to reflect her personality. It was the perfect match because, according to Maïka, accessorizing makes all the difference.

Maïka embraced the winner’s tastes: colourful, joyful, and bold. During her visit to Brault & Martineau, she focused on original and brightly coloured accessories that suited the winner’s personality, such as a cozy throw, a decorative skull, figurines, and, above all, pillows, pillows, and pillows! A true pillow enthusiast, Maïka believes that there’s no better item to create a room’s desired mood.



End table

This glass and black metal table plays nicely with shapes and materials and brings a retro and modern feel to the room.


As Maïka puts it so well, accessories make all the difference. With this eye-catching yellow throw and various textured pillows, the room is instantly transformed into a cozy and welcoming space.

Original decoration piece 

This bold decoration piece is sure to embellish the wall and catch the eye.



This colourful, comfortable, and soft piece of furniture adds to the charm of the room.