Price Adjustment Policy

We guarantee the best prices!

At Brault & Martineau, we’re so confident that our prices are the lowest in the market that there’s little chance you’ll actually find a lower price in another store.

However, if within 30 days of your purchase, you find the same model of the identical item from the same manufacturer at a lower price at another local retailer, Brault & Martineau will be pleased to refund you the difference, once we’ve checked all the details of the selling price at our competitor’s store. To receive your refund, you will have to present us with proof of the retail price in effect at that store, in the form of a printed or electronic advertisement that shows the date.

Detailed conditions

The total price of the identical item at the other local retailer must be in Canadian dollars, must include all environmental and other fees, and must include all charges for delivery within a 200-km radius, as do all prices at Brault & Martineau. Also, if you purchased the item at Brault & Martineau under our financing plan, this item must be sold by the other retailer with the same financing conditions, including any administration or membership fees that may apply. In addition, the price adjustment will be made on the price of the complete transaction and not only on the advertised price of the identical item. If you received a promotional discount when you purchased the item from us, that discount will be considered in determining the comparison price. Items purchased on sale, or under liquidation, or as part of a special promotion are not eligible for price adjustments.

This best-price guarantee does not apply in cases where a composition or typographical error has been made in the advertisement, whether it be with regard to the price shown, or a printing error, or an advertisement that was withdrawn or corrected, or items that were not in stock or were available in limited quantities, or at special prices, or as special offers or limited-time offers or offers for special events (such as Boxing Day, Boxing Week, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday), or in connection with discounts, coupons, vouchers, premiums, gift cards, cash-back rebates, freebie bonuses, educational discounts, gifts with purchases, items being liquidated or sold without guarantees, preferred-customer discounts, second-hand or reconditioned items, end-of-line items, damaged items, “as-is” items, worn previously returned items, refurbished items, floor models, manufacturer’s discounts, merchants who sell only on the Web, Web-exclusive offers, or items sold in store bankruptcy and/or closing sales.

The meaning of the terms “local retailer” and “identical item” will be determined by Brault & Martineau. The Brault & Martineau price adjustment program can be modified or discontinued at any time, without prior notice.

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